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AC Schnitzer Light Bomb LED

AC Schnitzer Light Bomb LED

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Where enough light has been available to date with the series counterpart, the AC Schnitzer BI-LED headlamp LIGHT BOMB is getting really bright - from curb to curbside and much farther than usual. A real step forward in terms of safety and comfort, with its matte black look and eye-catching lighting elements.

The 7 "BI-LED headlamp convinces with its economical LED position light in optical fiber technology and produces a very bright, homogeneous and white light.The AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB the high beam can be" switched on "to the low beam the vehicle a convincingly bright illumination.

Quick and easy installation (instructions in the download area) in the standard lamp ring and a prepared wiring harness are just as natural as a lifetime of at least 30,000 hours of the LEDs used.